This is the story of ArtWeek International

This is the story of ArtWeek International. How it has evolved from an idea in 2010 over planning to execution. About how we have had to make changes due to external circum-stances and until today, where we stays in DOK5000 at Odense Harbor in Denmark.

ArtWeek started back in 2011 under the name of the International Art Festival and continued as such until 2014. From 2015, the name has been changed to ArtWeek.

The idea of ​​the International Art Festival was to invite artists from all over the world to exhibit and work for a full week in Kerteminde. Together with other selected artists, they were assigned different places where they would build an exhibition in larger or smaller groups. The exhibits consisted of empty premises around the city, from nice office space and galleries to warehouses and warehouses at the port.

All exhibitions were "staffed" by a large sculpture exhibition where artists from the Danish Billedhuggersamfund, willingly presented their great sculptures at our disposal. Up to 30 tons of sculptures of very mixed materials were set throughout the city. Here they stayed for two months, to the great pleasure of visitors and city citizens.

This part of the International Art Festival was very costly and therefore in 2014 we had to leave the sculptures unfortunately. And since all the silos and warehouses at the port had been demolished, we had a problem and had to re-think the whole concept - for where should we host the International Art Festival 2014?

But, as everything looks the most black, there are always new opportunities. And that was also the case here. During the winter we had been contacted by Godseier Rudolf Iuel, Lundsgaard Gods, if we would like to move the festival to the goods in 2014 if he converted the old costumes into a cultural center. We would very much like that, as I said. Culture House "Anexet" reached "almost" to finish the opening of the festival, at least so much that we moved in with 36 happy and highly anticipated- fulfilling artists.

Our basic attitude is to help wherever you can and especially people in need. We have done this - with great help and enthusiasm from participating artists - every year since its inception in 2011, thus channeling hundreds of thousands of dollars to many charitable purposes. An engagement that has become a constituent of ArtWeek and we are all proud of.

The week has been a huge success among artists and visitors, but the number of visitors in Kerteminde has been somewhat fluctuating. So in order to stabilize and increase visitor numbers, we have chosen to terminate cooperation with Anexet and instead move ArtWeek to Odense Port in 2018. Here is DOK5000, which is a large raw but very beautifully renovated warehouse, with a very exciting building style that fits exactly to ArtWeek.

Over the years, the event has placed itself on Denmark's map as an annual recurring event, which visitors and artists every year look forward to with excitement and expectation. More artists see it almost as an artistic summer camp, where they get the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works, work on new works, collaborate with colleagues, and vacation at the same time. A unique opportunity that many artists appreciate, as their daily lives usually consist of many lonely hours in the studio.

Since 2011, more than 280 different artists from over 25 different nations, participated in the International Art Festival and ArtWeek, and every year there are more.